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This is not your typical refinishing shop. I also offer complete repair service and can replace or recraft just about anything that may be missing or damaged on your furniture.

Your heirlooms are important, and I will do everything I can to make them beautiful again. It may be a piece of furniture to someone else, but sentimental attachment is often more valuable than most people understand.


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This area represents some of the refinishing and restoration services I provide. These are in no particular order, although more recent items will often appear first towards the beginning of this section.

Those items marked with Hurricane Katrina Restoration were damaged as a result of Hurricane Katrina.
Refinishing & Restoration

This desk needed a lot of work on the inside and out. The bottom shelf was repaired, a new writing surface installed, and everything refinished.
Antique Desk Restoration Antique Desk Restoration Antique Desk Restoration Antique Desk Restoration

Pedestal Table Repairs
This beautiful table received a high gloss French Polish finish to round it its restoration.

This little table had a planter on it that leaked a bit too much.
Dropleaf Table Restoration

This table was layered in old paint. Sometimes items are built to be painted, so it requires a little more finishing magic to really make them look good.
Sofa Table Restoration Sofa Table Restoration

Highboy Dresser Restoration
This beautiful dresser was completely restored.

These pieces had both been in storage for some time. They came back to life and are beautiful once again..
Restored Cabinets Restored Cabinets Restored Cabinets Restored Cabinets

This old rocking chair had a number of issues including a fiberboard seat over the original space for cane, an aged, poorly applied finish, and a cracked back.
Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair

This chair was caked with paint. After all the layers of paint were removed (including over the rattan back), it was finished properly. I wove a porch weave binder cane seat to replace the plywood that had been nailed in place previously.
Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair

Restored Dining Chair Restored Dining Chair Restored Dining Chair
These chairs were refinished in addition to some minor veneer repairs. The seats were padded for additional comfort, and then recovered.

This chair was refinished and recovered. I also removed the scrap wood supporting the seat in favor of a spring system - much more comfortable.
Restored Arm Chair Restored Arm Chair Restored Arm Chair

Antique Oak Sideboard Antique Oak Sideboard
An old oak sideboard that was long overdue for some attention.

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This old mirror had been water damaged and most of the veneer was loose or gone. One corener was missing entirely.
Antique Mirror Frame Restored

This beautiful old oak buffet and curio cabinet were covered in old varnish that had been damaged by sunlight and time.
Antique Oak Buffet Antique Oak Buffet Antique Oak Curio Cabinet Antique Oak Curio Cabinet Antique Oak Curio Cabinet

This chair was missing a hip brace on one side, the cane seat was very damaged, and most of the finish was worn away. A new brace was hand made of walnut to match the original, the seat hand caned, and the chair refinished to highlight the beautiful veneer accents.
Victorian Side Chair Restoration Victorian Side Chair Restoration Victorian Side Chair Restoration Victorian Side Chair Restoration

These chairs were splitting down the sides, had missing feet and broken arms, and their finish was in bad shape. They were completely restored and I upholstered them with the fabric the customer selected.
Nautical Oak Chairs RestoredNautical Oak Chairs RestoredNautical Oak Chairs Restored

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These old dressers were overdue for some help. Minor repair and complete refinishing made them look new once again.
Maple Dresser Refinished Maple Dresser RefinishedMaple Dresser Refinished Maple Dresser Refinished Maple Dresser Refinished Maple Dresser Refinished Maple Dresser Refinished

These two chairs came from the same home. One received pressed sheet cane, and the other was hand caned. Both were refinished.
Antique Chair Refinised and RecanedSpindle Back Chair Refinished and RecanedSpindle Back Chair Refinished and Recaned

Silver Storage Table
This unique silver storage table had a fair amount of surface damage. The entire piece was refinished and the storage areas deep cleaned.

This Duncan Phyfe dining room table had been partially stripped some 18 years ago. In that time, it sustained a good amount of damage.
Duncan Phyfe Dining Room Table Restored

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This table had a lot of problems including a split middle shelf and a top that had been nailed on. It definitely needed help!
Side Table Restoration Side Table Restoration

This chair was passed through the owner's family and exhibited years of wear and poor repair work. The wobbly leg joints were remade, the broken back repaired, and then it was refinished and reupholstered.
Antique Side Chair Restored Antique Side Chair Restored Antique Side Chair Restored Antique Side Chair Restored

Dining Room Table Modified and Refinished
In addition to being refinished, this table was converted to a drop leaf design and shortened to better fit the owner's home.

This table's top was damaged and two of the legs were broken. I remade all the leg joints as the original design was doomed to fail.
Pedestal Table Restored

Antique High Chair Restored
This antique high chair was pretty special. The last person who used it is now 70!
In addition to the broken arm and back repairs, it was refinished. The back was hand caned and pegged, and the seat was traditionally hand caned.

The photos say it all.
This table had broken legs and a damaged top.
Pedestal Table Restored

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Upholstered Chair Restored
This chair received some frame repair, a new rear slat, new finish, and new upholstery.

These two chairs were partially stripped, but all the worst of it was still there for me - a lot of paint. They got the works: refinished, recaned, and reupholstered.
Caned and Upholstered Chairs Restored

This old rocking chair had been in the attic for many years. It came with brittle cane, missing veneer, and a mismatched arm. It left looking like it should with everything corrected: new cane, new arm piece, repaired veneers, and a beautiful finish.
Antique Rocking Chair Restored and Recaned Antique Rocking Chair Restored and Recaned

Hurricane Katrina RestorationThese chairs were water damaged, the joints were shot, and the wraps were a thick, ugly plastic material. After a lot of surfacing and treatment, they took a new finish beautifully and received authentic rattan wraps around all joints.
Rattan Chair Restoration
A lot of work goes into restoring some flooded pieces. Real binder cane wraps around the joints gave these chairs a much more polished look than the cheap plastic that was stapled on before.
Rattan Chair Restoration

Antique Side Table Restored
This table was in pieces when it arrived and very damaged. I saw the potential immediately.

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This old sewing cabinet had been refinished by an amateur years ago. There was a pencil shoved into the side of the support mechanism that had finish applied right over it - so it had been there for awhile!
Antique Sewing Cabinet Restored Antique Sewing Cabinet RestoredAntique Sewing Cabinet Restored

This table was wobbly, faded, and chemically damaged. Now it is strong and beautiful.
Oak Table Restoration
This table was wobbly and the finish was deteriorated. All joints were repaired, splits corrected, and damaged areas restored.
Oak Table Restoration
That nasty spot on the corner was from a spill some years ago. A combination of dyes and pigments made it disappear.

These chairs all came from the same home. Some had been dip stripped and were in horrible condition. Others had been stashed in an attic. All of them came out beautifully.

Desk Chair Restoration
This chair had been dipped to strip the old finish and it severely damaged the wood (possibly because of the incorrect rinse afterwards). The wood was fuzzy, seat was split, and all joints were weak. The restoration was completed with my new eco-friendly finishing process.
Antique Chair Restoration
This chair spent many years in the attic. The finish was a mess and poor past repairs were obvious. I remade the top section of the back taking care to duplicate the grain patterns that were hiding under the old finish. A new hand woven cane seat made it functional again.
Caned Chair Restoration
This was another chair that had been dipped and was in the worst condition I've ever seen as a result. The wood felt like fur (likely because of how it was scrubbed with water after dipping) and there were splits and expansion all over it. It took an extraordinary amount of sanding and scraping to get the wood in a condition to accept a proper finish.
Caned Chair Restoration
The damaged veneer details on this chair were repaired. I hand painted the grain details on the replacement veneer sections to exactly match the existing burl veneer.
Caned Chair Restoration
This chair looks like it received a visit from a nasty belt sander some years ago as one side was pretty chewed up.
Caned Chair Restoration
A hand caned seat completed this restoration as well as construction of the missing hip braces.

This set was in poor condition, but the owner wanted to renew their appearance to tie in more with her other furnishings. These pieces received a green, eco-friendly finish process.
Antique Vanity Restored Antique Vanity Restored
Antique Dresser Restored Antique Bench Restored

This plant stand would not stand as much of the dovetailed joints at the column base were damaged or missing. I replaced the missing wood, refinished the base and rubbed out the top.
Plant Stand Restored

RestHeywood Wakefield Bed Refinished RestHeywood Wakefield Bed Refinished

This Heywood Wakefield bed was in pretty good condition except for a crack in one end of the footboard. Unfortunately, it had been stripped by someone else with an oribital sander and left deep swirls everywhere.

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Refinished Antique CoffeeTable

Worn top, paint drippings, and dirt... but much better with a little work.

This high chair was covered in old finish, dirt, and all manner of baby gunk! I recaned the seat with a smaller gauge in addition to refinishing the entire chair.

Antique High Chair Refinished 

Refinished Antique Hall Table

This table had been chewed around the bottom and water damaged across the top.

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This cedar chest had an old, worn finish. Exterior refinishing got the outside looking good, and interior surfacing got it smelling good.

Cedar Chest Refinished  Cedar Chest Refinished

Refinished Antique Writing Desk

This old writing desk was covered in brown paint as well as having its lower shelf split.

Refinished and Recaned Chair

This old chair spent years in an attic before it found a new life again. I refinished it and then recaned the hand woven seat.

This old sewing machine cabinet had been painted gold at some point. It was refinished and the top damage was repaired. The sewing machine cap had so much paint and varnish on it that it was impossible to see what was under there until all was removed. It came out beautifully.

Antique Sewing Machine  

Rocking Chair refinished 
Another rocking chair showing the signs of age. Rather than hiding all the beautiful maple under that ugly brown finish, I chose to highlight the wood and let it shine.

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This old cedar chest was slightly flood damaged, but it needed refinished anyway. The previous "finish" was amateur at best.

Antique Cedar Chest  

This dresser had seen better days. It was old, dirty, and someone had replaced the original top with a cut piece from another cabinet. I decided to keep the top that was there, but remold the edges and build it up with a secondary layer underneath. Everything was refinished and some recycled hardware set it off nicely.

Restored Dresser Restored Dresser 

This unique coffee table had a lot of damage, but it came out beautifully after a lot of work.

Retro Coffee Table Retro Coffee TableRetro Coffee Table 

 This rocking chair had seen better days. I removed the deteriorated rush, surfaced the entire chair, recoated with exterior enamel, and re-weaved the rush weat.
Rush Chair

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Heywood Wakefield End Table Refinishing

 This Heywood Wakefield table had a giant gouge in the top as well as many coats of brown finish. While refinishing Heywood Wakefield pieces is a lot of work, it's worth the results.

This telephone table had a split top, loose joints, and the typical poor repairs from the past. Now it is as it was originally. It was fully repaired and refinished.
Telephone Table RestoredTelephone Table Restored

Hurricane Katrina RestorationAnother table that got water below and dripping from above.

End Table

Hurricane Katrina RestorationThis rocking chair was flood damaged and falling apart. Some pieces were replaced and new runners were crafted. A chunk missing from the seat was also repaired.

Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair Restored Rocking Chair

Hurricane Katrina Restoration This dining room table had a worn finish and had stood in a few inches of flood water. Some pieces were missing and the extendable leaves did not function.

Refinished Dining Room Table Refinished Dining Room Table Refinished Dining Room Table Refinished Dining Room Table Refinished Dining Room Table Refinished Dining Room Table

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This rocking chair was broken, banged up, and much of the original finish had chipped off. While I tried to retain as much of the original material as possible, some new finish was applied and areas re-stenciled. The seat got most of the attention as it was really beat up.

Ethan Allen Rocking Chair refinished

This antique white oak dental cabinet is a real treasure. It arrived dirty and worn out with various pieces missing, veneers damaged, and absent hardware. It left with all veneers repaired and missing pieces re-crafted. I was able to locate some of the matching hardware, but had to fume some brass pieces and create a false pearl inlays for the rest. The owners were not even aware that there was a hidden compartment!
Antique Dental Cabinet Restoration Antique Dental Cabinet Restoration Antique Dental Cabinet Restoration Antique Dental Cabinet RestorationAntique Dental Cabinet Restoration

Another chair recovered on it's way to the dump. I refinished the chair and replaced the rush seat. Turns out the owner wanted it back after seeing these pictures!
Bow Back Windsor Chair with Tail RestoredBow Back Windsor Chair with Tail Restored

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This dining room set was covered in old dirty varnish. The customer provided the fabric for the chair upholstery, and I removed the old varnish in favor of a fresh finish.
Dining Set Refinished Dining Set Refinished

This dining room table and sideboard were restored after years of neglect and layers of bad varnish, wax, and oil.

Dining Room Table Refinished Sideboard Cabinet Refinished

This old farm table had a deteriorating finish that was peeling, heat damaged, and not protecting the surface at all. With the proper finish applied, this rustic farm table will provide years of beauty and practical use.
Farm Table

This old pie safe had seen years of dirt, wear, and neglect. It had a rough start as it was poorly built, and after years of being moved around it just fell apart.

Texas Pie Safe Texas Pie Safe Texas Pie Safe

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These Heywood Wakefield pieces were both in need of some help. The TV stand finish was worn out as was the finish on the coffee table.
Heywood Wakefield Coffee Table Refinishing Heywood Wakefield TV Stand Refinishing

These Heywood Wakefield end tables had been refinished with what appeared to be a "polyshades" finish (stain & polyurethane mix). This was the wrong finish for HW furniture and had suffered some damage over the years.

Heywood Wakefield End Table Refinishing Heywood Wakefield End Table Refinishing

As this plant stand was passed down through the generations, many coats of paint and varnish had been applied. There were 12 coats of paint to get through (including a layer of aluminum paint!). The split top was repaired and the entire piece refinished.
Antique Square Plant StandAntique Square Plant StandAntique Square Plant Stand

This rocking chair was missing two of the slats in the back. I duplicated the originals using antique planes and shaves. All joints were reinforced and the chair was refinished.
Rocking Chair RefinishingRocking Chair Refinishing

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