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Major Restorations

I get requests to repair and/or modify just about anything. Sometimes this includes some finish work, uncommon repair work, or something no one else seems willing or able to do.

I am not always able to take on such projects, but now and then I can fit something in to the schedule. Here are a few examples... it's always an adventure.

This cabinet came in to be converted into a vanity. The drawer faces were removed and joined to become a door for access to storage and plumbing.

Vanity Conversion

This old model boat needed serious attention. The old finish was gone in some areas and severely alligatored in others. After I completed the wood restoration and crafting a new keel and rudder, it was off to the sail maker.

Model Wood Sail Boat Restoration
This boat had some old finish left on it, but was largely deteriorated. I crafted a new keel and rudder out of solid brass after the wood restoration.
Model Wood Sail Boat Restoration Model Wood Sail Boat Restoration Model Wood Sail Boat Restoration

This wooden chandelier was quite unique. It was also falling apart. Almost every joint had failed, and those that did not had been slathered with epoxy (and in the wrong position). The wiring was shot, too.
Now it is functional and beautiful.

Wooden Chandelier Wooden Chandelier Wooden Chandelier

Once the joints were repaired, the entire piece was rewired, cleaned, and polished. The faux candles also got a little attention as they looked pretty shabby.

Cypress Window Frame Project


This old window frame was salvaged from Jesuit High School here in New Orleans after they replaced all the old cypress windows with newer models. The customer wanted this to be something useful for her sons who attended Jesuit. The outer panels are cork bulletin board material, and the central panel is a chalkboard. The chalkboard tray was made using the moldings from the other side of the frame.

These rice paper doors were 8 feet tall and nearly 4 feet wide. In addition to sustaining some moisture damage, they were old and the screen material was shot.

I matched the wood finish color to the existing trim in the home, replaced all screen panels with top quality shoji paper, and undertook the mounting of the doors on-site.

As they arrived...
Shoji Screen Doors Shoji Screen Doors

After refinishing, screens replaced,
door mounted in place
Shoji Screen Doors Shoji Screen Doors

This chest was damaged during a move and was very special to the customer. While it was not old or particularly well crafted, the owner wanted to have it repaired. When it arrived, I discovered that the decorated exterior was a series of decals (yes, decals). The decals were not available for replacement, so I built up the damaged area level with the surface, then meticulously painted in each missing detail. The entire cabinet got a clear coat afterwards to protect it in the future.

Repaired Music Cabinet

These plaques were water damaged and in terrible shape. By carefully removing the top layer and taking care not to damage the documents, I remounted them on solid wood instead of the fiber board that failed. The fronts were rubbed out and polished to look like new once again.

Restored Plaques Restored Plaques

This media cabinet was beautiful, but not well suited for a baby learning to crawl. The customer was worried about his daughter breaking the glass as well as opening the doors and disturbing the electronics inside. I replaced the glass panels with solid panels in such a way that they can easily be swapped out for the glass at a later time. I also installed a custom baby latch system so that the doors opened with spring loaded buttons under the cabinet.

Modified Cabinet

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